As our company grows post-Covid over the next 36 months with access to our 120 million customer bases in the US and another 900 million via China mobile, iClick2Media will focus on mobile applications and content that meet our consumers base needs, wants, and desires. 

Over the next 24 months, with the help of our investment pool (large, small, and private investors) who are seeking an above-average return on their investment dollars, iClick2Media intends to raise $300 to $500 million in private investments. 

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the world and local economy suffer significant economic losses due to the lengthy lockdown disrupting business. However, we have since developed unique opportunities for small and large companies looking for means and ways to gain back financial stability in the marketplace; apart from a government assistance program, companies are still suffering significant hardship. These opportunities are available through iClick2Media and our collateral provider’s partnership. Together, we can provide collateral (assets) of up to 5 billion dollars. iClick2Media can give the access to these assets required to generate the necessary cash needed to get your business to operate at its total capacity again. 


Our goal is to provide sound business advise and services to assist private corporations and companies, large or small and in circumstances, governments, municipalities, and townships, by providing solutions for their cash-strap businesses organizations and government agencies. 


We desire to help these organizations meet their financial obligations and continue building their businesses; through our combined efforts with our joint venture partners, the collateral providers, along within the private boutique banking sector. We can assist companies and government in meeting their financial goals.

These opportunities are available to clients interested in registering with our company as members to gain direct assistance or who are interested in retaining our consulting services.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us by sending us an email about you financial needs. 

Please note that the above statement is not a solicitation of funds or are to be construed as such, we are not a bank, a brokerage firm securities company or a banking institution, the range of services herein described is not offer to the general public but only upon specific request by a qualified and sophisticated clientele.